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Ben was born in 1979 in the UK. He currently lives and works in Toronto. He used to be (and in some capacities sort of still is) in a band called Kontakte. When he moved to Canada in 2010 he found more time to start exploring sounds that interested him — playing with pedals, processing and manipulating guitar loops, and combining the results with field recordings and other found sounds. One night whilst talking in his sleep he repeatedly asked his wife to, “tell me three things”. Around this time he decided to start sharing some of his recordings so he decided to call this project threethings.

These sounds can be found on Soundcloud, or on Bandcamp.

In late 2012, along with another Toronto-based expat Brit called Ben, he started a project called Stenorette.

Stenorette sounds are created using tapes, vinyl, found sound, and heavily processed guitar. All work is 100% improvised and every session is recorded live to cassette. Although it is often unclear who is doing what, the results were successful enough (to the participants ears at least), that a series of cassette releases was started featuring edited versions of the improvised recordings. A six part series is planned (based on the RGB-CMY colour model) – all releases are available for free download from Bandcamp.

/// SEQUENCE7 [November 2013]

So, the new futuresequence compilation is out now (free download), and as expected it’s great. I have a new THREETHINGS track on it called Arkhangelsk…

/// ANTECEDENT CONDITIONS [September 2013]

My first full length album is released today, Friday 6th September, 2013, on the wonderful Rural Colours label. Available now directly from the Hibernate store, from me via Bandcamp, and also in stock at Norman Records, P*Dis, and Linus Records.

I hope you like it.

rc063 Cover_300x300

/// SEQUENCE6 [May 2013]

A new track (called Tangles of Flicker) is featured on the futuresequence compilation, SEQUENCE6. Free download of the 40-track album available now.

Sun set on the island of our bed

night rose

eating echoes

and we were beached there, in tangles of flicker,

candles whispering at our driftwood backs.

/// SEQUENCE5 [November 2012]

Really pleased to have a track featured on the new futuresequence compilation SEQUENCE5 alongside some fantastic artists – available for free download at the link below. The track (Light Stops) is taken from a recently completed album that is due for release in 2013.


Remix of the track Empty Boats by A Dancing Beggar, included on the Ghosts EP.

/// KONTAKTE REMIX [January 2012]

Remix of the track Every Passing Hour by Kontakte, included on the WMTNS remix album.